• Comprehensive Connectivity Solutions both in the working field and at the farmhouses.
  • Connect the working field to different online services: electronic banking, tax payment, central servers, etc.


  • Connect administrative activities with central servers and online operations.
  • Make video conferences between on-site and corporate staff.
  • Connect the mine to different online services: electronic banking, tax payments, etc.
  • Communication with the personnel of the mine at all times.

Oil & Gas

  • Oil platforms.
  • Service stations.
  • Primary and backup links for daily operations.
  • Connect the gas station to different online services: electronic banking, electronic invoicing, tax payment, central servers, etc.
  • Corporate network access.


  • With the expansion of tourism in Argentina, the demand for connectivity is growing: hotels, inns, ecological reserves and activity centers.
  • Providing communications solutions for both the host and the guests.
  • Our satellite internet services will allow connectivity 24/7.

Construction and roads

  • Connect the administrative system to the primary network of the business.
  • Communications via chat or video-conference with on-site staff.


  • The growing demand for financial services through branches and ATMs requires a high connectivity capacity.
  • Primary and backup links for the branch and ATMs.
  • Reliable and safe self-service transactions.
  • High quality service for real-time apps, robust network security and high-performance Wi-Fi. Network security is vital for the bank.


  • Connect the branch points nationwide.
  • Increase the volume of transactions in the network.
  • Have a primary network and / or secure backup network with high availability.
  • Increase the network of stores in areas where the conventional internet is intermittent or where there is no service.
  • Mobility solutions in commerce.
  • Optimization in the customer experience, more product information and integration of social networks.